Top-Rated Compact SUV Models To Buy In 2020

July 30, 2020

The sports utility vehicle (SUV) segment is arguably the most used subsegment of the auto industry in 2020. While SUVs were grouped into one category during their rise to prominence in the 1990s, doing so today would be a disservice to their overall usefulness to drivers.

These days, SUVs can be broken down into many categories including compact, midsize, large, hybrid, and even crossover vehicles. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, as well as its own host of vehicles. We decided to look into the vast world of SUVs by breaking the top vehicles in each category. To begin, check out the top-rated compact SUVs for 2020 via U.S. News & World Report below.

5. 2020 Toyota RAV4:

The RAV4 kicks off the top five compact SUVs for several reasons. Drivers love it for its long list of standard features in addition to its money-saving fuel economy. It’s also lauded for its comfortable, sizable interior. New for 2020 are features like a new Offroad model, satellite radio, and Wi-Fi hot spot. However, it’s not all good news, as the RAV4 has been criticized for its high base price and loud engine roar when drivers truly hit the gas.

4. 2020 Ford Escape:

The recently remodeled Escape brings a lot to the table in the number four spot. The new model boasts standard driver assistance, strong handling coupled with comfort while driving, and high reliability. It also has an infotainment center praised for its ease of use if a buyer so chooses that option. But unlike the RAV4, it is panned somewhat for its supposedly bland interior.

3. 2020 Kia Sportage:

The 2020 Sportage is next up with several features drivers enjoy. It’s earned high marks for a large, attractive cabin, great handling on the road, and an overall comfortable ride. The Sportage boasts a high technology acumen as well with standard Apple CarPlay and Android Audio, as well as an infotainment center with a touch screen. Where it falls short is with its substandard fuel economy and cargo space.

2. 2020 Mazda CX-5:

The CX-5 comes in as one of the best compact SUVs for 2020 thanks to its high gas mileage, strong handling, new standard driver assistance, and solid technology features. Those are important aspects for 2020, and Mazda nailed them for the current model year. But there are two things preventing the CX-5 from topping the list. Those are its somewhat outdated infotainment center and its price tag. Other compact SUVs may provide near the same value for less money overall.

1. 2020 Honda CRV:

A name that’s long been near or at the top of the compact list once again tops it for 2020. The Honda CRV boasts a spacious interior with the looks to match. It also has a ton of cargo space while providing a comfortable ride for passengers. topping it off, it also boasts great gas mileage. The only area it falls short in is in the technology area, which is important for today’s drivers. In its base package, the CR-V is lacking in technology. And for those models that do have the infotainment center, they can find it difficult to control at times. Still, the time-honored CR-V has enough to top the list of compact SUVs to buy in 2020.