Top 5 Benefits Of Owning A Buick

September 10, 2020

There was a time when the Buick brand was just another car brand in the crowded GM portfolio. But the company has seen a resurgence in popularity and quality, Buicks are no longer just another badge-engineered vehicle.

There are many benefits to owning a Buick, such as luxury and the abundance of safety features. As the brand continues to evolve, its cars are continuing to take up a portion of the consumer marketplace. The brand has seen tremendous success and will continue to see it in the future. Here are the benefits of owning a modern Buick.

Luxury Features:

Let’s face it, you’ve probably thought of a Buick as your grandfather’s retirement vehicle. But that’s no longer the case as the brand has come a long way. Buicks offer a plethora of quality woods and leathers in the interior. GM has also come a long way with the safety and infotainment systems in these vehicles. You can expect your Buick to be connected just like the rest of your technology is. If you want to go for the ultimate combination of luxury and performance you can go for the Avenir models, which are Buick’s upscale line of vehicles.


The Buicks that you see nowadays are designed to provide a luxurious driving experience. You can expect to get a turbocharged motor as well as efficiency. Innovative features such as slap shifting and a sport mode make Buick models a blast to drive. Buick cars will wrap you into a cove of luxury while also driving like something much more expensive. If you want to experience the best that the domestic automakers have to offer you’ll feel right at home in a Buick.

Resale Value:

Buicks hold their value according to the Kelly Blue Book. If you decide to trade in or sell your Buick down the road, you’ll still get a good deal of residual value. This is important when it comes to buying a new vehicle, especially in today’s automotive landscape. Buick also caters to those who don’t wish to be attached to a car payment and there are attractive lease options. Owning a Buick is not only a great driving experience but its also an investment when you compare it to other vehicle makes.


The Buick lineup has an option for just about every consumer, whether you want a compact crossover or a sporty wagon like the Regal Tour X. The choice in Buick vehicles has come a long way from a few years ago. As luxury features, progress and GM pours more resources into the brand you could see Buick begin to take a foothold on the luxury market. The quality has come so far in the last few years that the choice is simple when it comes to a Buick.

Service and Reliability:

Buicks have come a long way in terms of reliability just like the rest of the automotive market. Buicks are routinely scoring high when it comes to customer satisfaction surveys. If you get a Buick, the large GM dealership network means that you can get servicing just about anywhere. With the recent reliability ratings, you can drive a Buick comfortably knowing that it should be able to last for quite a bit.