Apple Watch 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy Watch 3: Which Smartwatch Should You Buy?

October 1, 2020

Apple products have long since had many competitors try to match or one-up their products. The latest of these rivalries is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 compared to the Apple Watch Series 5.

With several different important feature categories to cover with these two products, let’s get right to it. Check out which smartwatch you should buy below. 

Price Comparison


One of the first things to consider and compare is the price of these two smartwatches. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes in at a very competitive base price of $399 just like the Apple Watch 5. The Galaxy Watch base price will get you a 41mm model in stainless steel finish, while the Apple Watch base price will get you a smaller 40mm model in aluminum finish.

You will need to upgrade and pay more to get a larger mm size and other finish options. Another price variance to consider is LTE connectivity, as this will affect your smartwatch’s usability with or without using your smartphone. LTE connectivity will cost an extra $50 for the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 to work without your smartphone, while Apple charges $100 for independent use of the smartwatch. 

Battery Life


Another essential feature to think about is battery life. The Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is still a clear winner in this category, even though they reduced the battery life from a four-day to a two-day period. Simultaneously, the Apple Watch Series 5 comes in at a slightly disappointing 18-hour time span between charges. That will mean having to remember to charge your Apple smartwatch every single night. 

Other Tech Features


The Apple Watch Series 5 does not disappoint with an extensive 16 GB memory for music as well as a large library of pre-recorded workouts for health and fitness-minded consumers. Apple has long since been the forerunner in offering fitness tracking tools and health monitoring features. Samsung keeps up in this category as well, with both smartwatches offering sleep-tracking and ECG sensors. 

Rounding out comparisons for these smartwatches are the differences in display features. Both smartwatches offer an always-on display feature that lets you always see the time. Whether it is day or night, indoors or out, you will always be able to read and use either one of these smartwatch brands in any environment. At 360 x 360, the screen resolution on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 comes in lower than the Apple Watch screen resolution of 448 x 368, albeit with a barely noticeable difference.  

While Apple has continued to impress year after year, Samsung is attempting to surmount the smartwatch category with the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Even tried and true Apple product fans would be smart to give the new Galaxy Watch 3 a second look. You might be presently surprised by this Android competitor.

Either way, having a high-tech smartwatch can help keep your day – and night – on track. With just a flick of your wrist, you have the whole world at your fingertips. Perhaps the ultimate decision comes down to your favorite shape: circle or square? The choice is up to you.